Decorative Concrete-Los Angeles

Now you can choose any design that you imagine from a wide array of our range. Whether you are a homeowner and are looking to bring a change to your old floors or you are a business owner and are planning to attract new clientele. We got you covered.

The wide variety that we have will make your concrete floor look like marble or brick granite or slate or tile, you name it and that too at costs you wouldn’t believe. This will help you in saving up for other renovation options within your house or business. So take your leap of faith with us.

Epoxy Floors Los Angeles has specialized in producing top-notch decorative concrete which will help you in transforming your old gray and plain and dull concrete floors into luxurious decorative pieces. They will not only tie your whole space together but also give it a unique look of its own.

We are equipped with the best tools and the perfect team that would execute their work flawlessly. Our expert and well trained decorative installers will be able to manufacture the design according to your liking.

Varieties of Decorative Concrete

  • Stamped Concrete Overlay. This is a combination of different textures and colors that will make your concrete spaceresemble bricks. Your existing concrete floors will be covered with stamped overlays according to your choice of designs.
  • Concrete Acid Stain. This technique creates a colorful, smooth and a slick touch to your concrete. This style of concrete is often used in home balconies, art museums, hotels and café patios. The hints of color add the natural touch yet making them look modern and stylish.
  • Trowel-On. If you want to give your regular and boring concrete a textured touch, Trowel-On is the way to go. In this technique to replicate the patterns of rippled stone, natural slate or to give a smooth finish a thin layer of cement is troweled. This decorative concrete option has been used in a variety of places including hotels, office and commercial buildings, motels, hotels, patios and even footpaths.

Pros of Decorative Concrete

Tough and Durable

Decorative Concrete will increase the life-span and strength of concrete floors and at the same time give them the artistic touch you desire. You will find it to be resistant to dust, debris, molds and mildews of any kinds.

Flexible Design

These decorative concretes can even be used on old concrete floors. We also provide you with the opportunity to create your own unique stamp pattern, something that is not available with other flooring options.

Low in Maintenance

The technique that is used to create these make sure that you only have to do a little sweeping here and there when needed to clean. You end up saving money and are hassle-free.


It is resistant to the regular damages and as a result is cost efficient.

Quick Installation

As the Decorative Concrete is layered on your existing concrete, the process is quick and efficient.