Epoxy Floor Prepping To Sell Home In Southern Illinois

Epoxy Floor Prepping To Sell Home In Southern Illinois

We were gearing up to sell a very nice historic home in southern illinois, the problem? The basement had flooded several times. There was mold, it smelled. No one wanted to go near it. We didn’t know what to do. It wouldn’t look right to lay down vinyl flooring in the beautiful old home. We wanted to do something that was cool but also preserved the original sentiment of the home.

We called a local epoxy flooring contractor in Southern Illinois. his name is Jared Jones, the owner of Southern Illinois Epoxy.

He told us that we could stain the existing concrete which would maintain the original concrete slab. Staining would also accentuate the concrete floor. We decided that an acid stain was the best option so that is what jared did. We were so happy with the floor and as a result our problem was solved. We sold the house right away.

Thank goodness. Problem solved and situation moldy carpet floors was eliminated.

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