Travel Gear for the Travel Wary

Travel Gear for the Travel Wary

Travelling the world is an exciting yet daunting prospect for many a budding traveller, but there are a few products that can really help you set your mind at ease from spending those nights cramped up in a less than secure hostel in the Eastern Block to trying to find your way across the cities across the cities and towns of South America.

Take a look at these top items to make your travelling a little bit easier.

Squash Ball – £1

You may be curious as to why this is the first item on my list, but not only is it a good little item to play about with but it doubles up as a universal plug for the many sinks you will find without a plug.

GPS – £160

A GPS system is a piece of tech that wasn’t around 25 years ago and convincing you to travel with an expensive and relatively heavy piece of kit can not only help you track where you are and plot where you are going but you will be able to keep out of the slightly sketchy areas of the cities you will be visiting.

If you are not keen on spending the money for a GPS, then the other alternative that would be essential is the standard compass and map, make sure you print and laminate as many maps as you can find of the towns and areas that you will be going to. There are plenty different sites online that can help you map these towns out as well, try travellerspoint for some handy local guides.

Travel Gear for the Travel Wary

Watch Batteries – £5

Make sure you take a watch but replace the batteries before you leave on your journey just so they are as fresh possible and will last the majority of your trip. You will be surprised at how time efficient you have to become in order to plan catching a train or a bus from an unknown destination at a specific time. Make sure you change your time at every location you turn up to. Every airport should have the exact time.

The Keyless Door Lock – £15

For the traveller staying in hostels and rooms all over the world there will be a fair few where the lock will be a bit substandard and less than secure.  This does not have to mean sleeping in discomfort and fear as you can buy the Keyless Door Lock that secures the door without the need for a key, wiring or fixings. Simple and fast and will help you rest that bit easier in the foreign countries.

A LeatherMan or Swiss Army Knife – £50

Some sort of pocket knife will come in extremely handy but remember to not take it in your carry on as it will get confiscated. You will be surprised how many times you will need it, from opening packets to cutting pieces off your clothes. It will come in useful.

Other items that you will find extremely useful are as follows:

  • Duct Tape – Fixes absolutely everything
  • Rope or Washing Line – Another alternative is some fishing line for its light weight and strength
  • A Calculator – For all the currency conversions you will be making along the way will be an essential item
  • Take one or two books – they are a great conversation pieces and when you finish them, approach other travellers to trade their books with you

Travelling is an amazing experience and with a few simple items it can make your whole trip just that little bit more comfortable and a more enjoyable experience providing you feel safe, can wash yourself and can get to where you need to be.